Are You Ready?

Are you ready?

Not an ordinary Novella

Prepare to encounter the most epic idea drama of the century.

Husband and wife duo, Josh and Rachel Rasmussen, seek to break pre-packaged conceptions of "Big Topics," such as the afterlife, to allow for more productive cross-cultural conversations and development of thinking outside the confines of traditional boxes.

The authors believe that traditions and historical ideas serve as a platform for human development, and that there is always more to explore. The authors have come to believe, through personal growth and philosophical reflection, that the foundation of reality is perfectly good. As a result, they believe that truth serves souls, and that ultimately, souls need the liberty to grow along their unique lines toward their most glorious, beautiful forms and destinations.

Whe Heaven Invades Hell provides an inspiring, fanciful atmosphere for souls to entertain deep questions and ponder answers from new angles. While the book may provoke controversy, the authors hope it will serve its readers in adding depth to their personal inquiries and, ultimately, to their relationship with ultimate reality.

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